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Business Optimization

ITC is an award-winning Internet marketing company based in Los Angeles, specializing in the multi-faceted development of your business for maximized profits and long-term success both online and off. In a nutshell, there is only one thing we do well and that is generating money for our clients.

Our expertise is developing high-level strategies to generate a constant flow of revenue to our clients’ businesses while increasing profit margins by decreasing their costs. We use many different tools and channels to achieve these goals; the main ones being Consulting, Internet Marketing strategies, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, etc. Every year we invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in new technologies and talents to make certain we remain one of the top firms in the country. That’s the ITC difference—We are Business Optimization.


You're Always in the Huddle at ITC

Since we’re an online marketing company in Los Angeles focusing on white-hat SEO, original content creation, social media marketing, pay per click and more, it’s fitting to think of each client as the general manager of our efforts: You might not be on the football field every day, but we are always in the huddle, at the line of scrimmage and in the trenches to ensure generating revenue is not one of your concerns.

No two businesses are exactly alike, so we never view our clients as a cookie-cutter set of Internet marketing X’s and O’s your competitors have seen a hundred times. We don’t just “go through the motions.” With your input, we keep our heads in the game, building customized Internet marketing game plans specifically geared to your individual business. Real growth and success always strives to exceed expectations.

At ITC, we ask: What is the most we can do for you?

Thanks to experience, innovation, and the cooperative efforts with clients that a transparent approach creates, we can change your company from a wild card contender into a champion.

Our Clients

Some Global, Some Local: All Successful

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No Mission Is Impossible for Our Internet Marketing Specialists

While we enjoy the stability, prestige and growth a history of success creates, expecting the status quo to remain constant is hardly forward thinking when it comes to Internet marketing. We strive ceaselessly to stay the best online marketing company by expanding skillsets, staying abreast of current online events and trends, seeking advanced certifications, and remaining life-long learners.

Teamwork and communication are two of our key strengths. ITC has recruited a squad of wily veterans experienced in working within their fields and alongside the other specializations in the Internet marketing industry. It’s a situation where the company’s right hand always knows what the left is doing.

Our team includes specialists in:

Search Engine Optimization

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Expert In-House Programming and Coding

Inventive and Original Copywriting

social media management

Engaging Social Media Management

Evocative Graphic Design

Innovative Web Design

Whether it’s an update from Google or a new product launch, our commitment to the latest technology and training ensures we adapt quickly to the myriad developments that affect your business from day to day.

A Los Angeles Internet Marketing Company
Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts

ITC’s individualized web strategies and online marketing campaigns create a foundation for healthy, sustainable growth and a positive reputation. It’s not that we simply DO everything we can; it’s that we orchestrate plans taking advantage of the unique strengths of each marketing aspect to support a greater overall benefit of increasing your profit.

Social media, for example, offers a perfect avenue for consumer engagement. Fans of your company “like” your Facebook page and you are able to interact with them through interesting posts, contests and more. By itself, social media management will improve your online reputation; encourage online word-of-mouth marketing and more for your company.

One way ITC optimizes the benefits of social media is to compose original, relevant and interesting content on your company’s website. Our SEO Expert works with Content to strategize the most effective use of content on the website. Once written, our Social Media team can then share a link to the content on your social media assets.

This continues all the positive effects of your social media campaign. Plus, everyone interested in reading the content will first click on the link and visit your company’s website, increasing the likelihood of a sale and boosting the SEO of the site at the same time and moving you higher up on Google.

When you have a Content Specialist working alongside a Social Media Manager and SEO Expert, like ITC does, you can maximize the potential of both. This interconnected strategy applies to all our specialists and how we strategize, interact, and bolster each other’s work under the roof of our Los Angeles-based office.

With the right type of targeted, efficient Internet marketing, your company website, online store and physical business will be showered in new opportunities. Success begets success, and as your company accretes traffic and a positive buzz, additional traffic will be attracted to your business as well.

Online Marketing in Good Company

From new technology and training, to new Los Angeles offices and growing teams, we’ve been putting our success to good use by investing in our clients as well as expanding and refining our abilities. We aren’t the only ones to recognize our Internet marketing skills either.

It’s not only about SEO; it’s about comprehensive success. At ITC, we invite you to take a closer look at how we can help develop your business. No single, default approach will separate your business from the pack. We’re more than your average Internet marketing company because we build a multi-faceted strategy for each client. It’s how we have reached the top of the industry for SEO in Los Angeles and beyond. ITC’s success is more than a secret formula; it’s Business Optimization.

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