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You Are Staring at Your Eyes

By Kevin Kinsella

Teamwork, Floaters and Neural Adaptation

beautiful downtown los angeles

Ah, it’s another glorious day in Los Angeles! Let’s take this time to look at Internet marketing from a new perspective (and lie down on the grass at the same time!) Sometimes, you just have to come at stuff from a different angle to gain new insight. So that’s what we’re going to do, except I also get to lie in the sun for a bit.

Gazing past the tallest fronds of L.A.’s iconic palm trees, I feel myself sink into the pristine blue of the sky. I can finally relax, secure in the knowledge that everything I see is everything that’s there. There’s nothing but me and the grand blue blanket of our atmosphere and what…bacteria? Floating on my eyes?

Sticks and paramecia! How can they be on my eyes and why can't I focus on them?


The Floaters Will Be With You, Always

The little guys that show up in your vision when you look at a bright background, like the sky or a white computer screen, are most commonly called eye floaters, but don’t mistake floating on for floating in. You can’t focus on them because they are in your eye, not floating outside. Suspended in the vitreous humour, a thick, incredibly clear liquid that fills most of your eye, eye floaters are nothing more than the silhouettes of bits of the stuff that have clumped together.

More than that, these clumps don't un-clump.

If you've ever seen one
in your life,
that same floater is still in your eye.

It may no longer be right in front of your retina, where you'll notice it, but it's inside somewhere, just floating.

schematic diagram of the eye

Vision Based on Movement

The only reason you can see the floaters is because they move. It’s a liquid inside your eye, and you’re always looking through it. For most people, the floaters that you can see are still where you last saw them, they’ve just stopped moving. When this happens, your brain has a tendency to start ignoring stuff.

This is called neural adaptation,
and it's a good thing.

Constant stimuli will eventually just sort of go away, kind of like how you get used to the noise of an airplane or the sulfur smell from the hot springs of Yellowstone. You can’t pay attention to everything, so when your brain can’t handle any more, it just “forgets” to register stuff. Without it, we’d be staring at the blood vessels in our eyes 24 hours a day. Of course,

just because information is constant and voluminous,
doesn't necessarily mean
it's safe to ignore.

The Modern Leonardo Is a Team Player

One of the most frequent examples of this in our day-to-day lives occurs with technology, particularly computers and the Internet. When you peer into the ocean of data shining out of your monitor, you can’t help but focus on only a few things at once.

You have to ignore the peripheral data
until it has a direct effect on you.

It’s like how a lot of people didn’t (and still don’t) want to open Google+ accounts because, “What’s wrong with the Facebook I already have?”

video store
What's a Netflix?

You can’t spread yourself out too much or you’ll never get anything done. (And there are very good reasons to get on Google+.) The 21st century is no place for a Renaissance man; you have to specialize on some things at the expense of others. That’s why teamwork has become so important in the tech industry:

There's too much data,
too many changes in the way things work,
too many new things to review.

For a business of any size, you need staff devoted to and specialized in specific areas, especially with anything to do with the Internet. Stuff on there is more fluid than your vitreous humour! And you can’t just let your brain ignore it.

If even indirectly, the Internet affects you
 in a way you need to keep track of.

Where are sales coming from? Who’s using the website? How are they getting there? How can we get more people to come?

Who hired that luchadore?

The questions tend to stay pretty static, but the answers are always up for debate. Anybody telling you they know the answers is going to be wrong tomorrow, or is just pulling your leg today.

oceanside yoga

These are crucial aspects of the Internet that require something more than most businesses can handle.

So go ahead and take a moment to ponder the sun and the sky. Don’t worry about how the sun isn’t really yellow and the sky’s not really blue. Don’t worry about the 65 billion neutrinos passing through your body every second. It’s important, but

there are other folks out there ready to take care of it,
and let you focus.

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